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Its other name is Dade County which is a breathtaking county in South of Florida. The area boasts of majestic beauty. Some of the natural wonders that makes it so attractive include blue waters, beautiful sandy beaches, greenery and skyscrapers to display what happens when urbanization meets with nature. The county is a major tourist attraction for people all over the world mostly due its warm temperature, vibrant night life and beautiful sandy beaches. Do you know the county has not always been like this? The beauty being seen today wasn’t in existence some decades back. The area was a swamp which made it difficult if not completely uninhabitable. Change was witnessed when Henry Flagler constructed the railway from Palm Beach to the county. What followed was a complete shift in the economy. It led to a boom in real estate which led to an increase in the number of people in the county to get a piece of the pie. Tourists came from all over the world and resorts were being built left, right and center.

Miami-Dade: The land where the sun shines

Experiencing cold days and nights can make one gloomy. That’s why many poured from the colder regions in the country to enjoy the warm temperature of Miami Dade throughout the year. While the climate is favorable throughout the year, the heat can become unbearable during the summer when temperatures reach their peak.

Good news came in the form of air conditioners during the Industrial revolution which made it easy for people to enjoy the comfort of their spaces. At the beginning they were large in size and not many people could afford them. As more and more players came into the industry, they became smaller and therefore affordable to most if not all. Today, it’s almost unimaginable to survive without an air conditioner. They are being used for both commercial and residential purposes.

Why you need an AC service partner?

Many people take for granted the importance ACs play in their lives. They use them in their day to day activities but most are not given the attention they require until they break down or aren’t working optimally. The AC business packs a lot of potential and due to the increase in the use of air conditioners, there hasn’t been a shortage in the number of companies coming up every day. Most don’t live up to their word but are all about making money. You should settle on a company that walks with you every step of the way to help you purchase the right AC, installing, a company you can call upon during emergencies and doing regular maintenance. That’s why we highly recommend you choose Miami Gardens AC Expert. We have been in this industry for more than two decades now which makes us the best company for all your air conditioning needs.

Choose us for:


Providing high-quality air conditioners, parts and services is at the core of our company. Our team of workers are professionally trained coupled with years of experience only provide the best AC services.


We understand how uncomfortable it can be when your air conditioner breaks down during the summer. We offer emergency services and our technicians arrive within 20 minutes after making your call.


There’s nothing that can put a customer off than simple repairs which end up costing more than buying a new air conditioner. We give our customers free quotes on estimated costs. We don’t charge for overtime and emergency services. All our rates are standard.

Services we offer

  • Advise on the best AC.Miami Gardens AC Expert Miami Gardens, FL 786-565-5795
  • Consultation services.
  • Installation of new HIVAC units.
  • Advise on the improvement of indoor air quality.
  • Commercial and residential AC services.
  • Round the clock emergency services.
  • Cleaning of the air filter.
  • Repair of leaks.
  • Laying of the duct and more.

To access our services call us on 786-565-5795 and we’ll be there in no time. Our services are available in the following cities:

Miami Gardens